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We know and understand the feeling of sometimes having to wait for delivery on your brand new boat, especially if you have specific requirements which must be build and delivery directly from the boat factory. During the wait, the apprehension to learn and know everything related to the boat you've just ordered is extremely high and SGBoating have a well place set-up to "ease you" into your new boat prior to delivery.


While waiting for your new boat, you have free access to our boats for use (NO CHARGE!). We have 2 boats which are loan out to our customers for them to use so they can get familiar with themselves with the handling, practising their boating skills and also to bring their families and friends out for those weekend trips.The "sea-time" gain ahead of taking their own boat delivery have helped many boaters. Many tried to copy our system but till date, we're still the original boat dealer here in Singapore that provides this care and services even before you took delivery of your new boat!


SGBoating also sent out ahead of time manuals associated with the boat you've just ordered, boat owner's manuals, engine service instructions, GPS instructions books and even various videos are readily available for our customers at no additional cost to them. All these to make your buying experience an enjoyable one and preparing you for the ownership experience ahead of time. Don't take our words for it, ask any SGBoating customers out there and they will share with you their experience. 


10 Tuas West Drive,

Raffles Marina

Singapore 638404

Tel  65-6897 7971, 65-9119 1872

WhatsApps -  

Monday - Friday 10am - 5pm

Saturday 10am - 2pm

Sunday & P.H. - Please Call 

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