New yachts deliveries are always exciting and thrilling for owners eagerly anticipating their new arrival and we've put together some recent deliveries to share here.
Popping a champagne is a common practice for many yacht owners (pic - Pursuit OS385)
Yacht deliveries from SGBoating are handled with the upmost care and professionalism when its time to deliver any newly arrived yacht at the port here in Singapore right up to Raffles Marina where we conduct the preparation and pre-delivery inspection prior to hand-over to every customers.

When new yachts arrived to Singapore from their original port of departure, be it from USA, Australia, Europe or other countries, it takes weeks and many times more than a month out at sea for the commercial vessel to sail across the oceans to reach Singapore. Throughout this journey, SGBoating provides our customer an easy on-line vessel tracking apps so our customers can monitor the exact arrival of their new boats to Singapore.  

Once the vessel is here in Singapore, our delivery crew goes onboard to inspect the boat system, check the machinery, check the seawater valves, ensures batteries are capable to start up the boat system and engines prior to the port operator launching the yacht to the water. Extra care are taken to ensure the safe journey from the port and back to our facilities at Raffles Marina. For smaller boats, most are trucked from local port to the marina by road, sometimes with police escort due to the height limitations. 

It's all part of SGBoating delivery promises to our customers in ensuring the best available service are given to the care of our customer's boats. Below are just a handful from our hundreds of boat deliveries till date. Check back here for more updates.

Fairline Squadron 78                                              Fairline Targe 58                                                    Meridian 441 Sedan  
Robalo R305 Walkaround                                       Fairline Squadron 42                                              Chaparral Signature 330
Leopard 51                                                             Leopard 39                                                             Meridian 341 Sedan  
Robalo R300 Center Console                                Chaparral H2O                                                      Chaparral SSX 257
Fairline Squadron 58                                              Chaparral 285                                                        Fairline Squadron 42
Chaparral SunCoast 250                                       Maritimo M51-09                                                     Fairline Squadron 48
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Pursuit DC-265
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Pursuit OS355                                                        Maritimo M51-16                                                    SeaRay 190 SPX
Meridian 541 
SeaRay 260
Maritimo M51-20                                                   SeaRay 190 SPX