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Nothing is more frustrating in boating than a bad rolling seas that can easily and quickly get passenger feeling seasick. While medication would help but its not the solution until the recent emergence of Gyro Stabilizer. 

The concept of reducing boat rolling is not new but getting smaller boats fitted with Gyro Stabilizer is consider a new trend in boating nowadays. Both Seakeeper and Quick are the currently offering smaller Gyro system. Very soon enough, there will be a Gyro device even boats as small a 20-25 feet can benefit from. 

Here's a short video clip on a small center console boat with a SeaKeeper 2 Gyro fitted in Australia -

On board, on the terrace, in the garden ... Enjoy the unbreakable materials, melamine tableware, shock-resistant synthetic glassware, sheets and towels for boat and home. Discover the essential accessories for an unforgettable and safe outdoor experience.

Unbreakable tableware with a unique style that offers comfort and safety as well as being made of the highest quality materials.

See the entire range of these nautical melamine ware now at Nautical Lifestyle Boutique Outlet at Raffles Marina or call 6897 7971. Updates are found on their Facebook link here -

At long last a Water Maker company that has cut out all the jargon and brought us an easy to use both portable and installed system. Basically you decide what power unit you want and then how much output of water you require put those together and off you go, what could be simpler and if I can get my head around this then anybody can. Available in both electric and petrol formats. Easily portable or as a fixed application the Rainman Water Maker suits everybody's requirement.

A non complex system that is easy to operate and within minutes have fresh drinking water on stream. the system is simple, robust and designed for ease of use and maintenance. This fresh approach to desalination eliminates unnecessary componetary and electronics. Not only will the initial cost of a Rainman water maker for your boat be less than other systems, the simple design and high build quality means ongoing maintenance cost will be lower. With output ranging from 50 litres up to 140 litres there is a Rainman System to suit everybody. If you are looking at a installed water maker only, take a look at the Rainman various option on their website ≥≥≥

​Rainman is sold in Singapore by Blue Water Marine Supplies (

Bigger, best, brightest. The 24 Series is the latest edition to Aqualuma’s GEN 5 Thru-Hull range. The 24 Series is the largest Thru-Hull option. Designed for larger vessels and superyachts, the 24 Series delivers a huge light output allowing full colour and scene control through the use of the Casambi app available for IOS or Android (RGB version, Blue and White versions also available).  

The patented, one-piece polymer housing and has the ability to be serviced from inside the vessel. The GEN 5 range is ideal for any type of hull construction, including aluminium, steel, wood and fibreglass.​ Aqualuma is available in Singapore through Blue Water Marine Supplies ( or T: 68977971
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