“SINGAPORE: A mother pleaded guilty to entering Singapore illegally via a chartered vessel from Malaysia, so that she could take back her two-year-old son, who had been living here with his paternal grandparents.

The 30-year-old woman - whose name and nationality cannot be revealed to protect the identity of the boy - has the custody of her son, as ruled by the English Court in January. However, instead of entering Singapore legally, the woman came over in a vessel from Langkawi along with two other foreigners, and disembarked at Raffles Marina on Aug 19, 2014 at about 6am.”

Since the illegal entry into Raffles Marina back in August 2014, 
the Police Coast Guard has stepped up checks on pleasure crafts 
in Singapore Waters. SGBoating support the authority in 
maintaining our national security. 

Meanwhile, boaters have encountered more checks by the 
authority and we have received increased calls from you (boaters), 
during the weekends when the authority asks for your MPA Harts 
Transponder or AIS because they could not detect your craft’s 
movement form the land-base operation center

From March, 2017 the HARTS Transponder is no longer in use
locally. MPA have replaced all HARTS transponder with AIS and
if you suspect your boat is still using the old HARTS transponder,
please contact OSDC - MPA immediately to seek their advice.

90% of AIS device that are link to the boat chart plotter system are 
installed just behind the helm area or near the Captain's driving 
position. MPA-supplied AIS transponder are usually mounted in
an open area onboard the boat for easy access to the reception.


Before you next take your boat out to seas again, 
PLEASE determine the following;

Do your boat come with HARTS Transponder or AIS?
You can find out from your boat purchase invoice what’s installed
Where is the unit being installed onboard?
Can you see LED lights when you switch on the boat battery (for HARTS unit)
Can you detect other vessels on your chart-plotter (for AIS unit)

For many boats today, 90% of the transponder installations are either directly behind the helm console GPS, storage locker or sometime just inside the cabinet of the head or cockpit storage. All Pursuit Boats we have sold are AIS equipped till date. And for larger boats such as Maritimo, the transponders are mostly located underneath the flybridge helm console.

AIS transponder operates differently from HARTS system. 
If your boat was purchased since 2017, it is almost likely 
your boat will have AIS onboard and integrated to the boat chart-
plotter system. If your boat do not have a chart plotter onboard, 
it will still be fix with a HARTS transponder even if your boat is 
relatively new before Dec 2104

(HARTS Transponder is no longer issued since October, 2014)

If you can see AIS contacts on your chart-plotter, it is almost 
certain the other vessel can “see you” as well. 

AIS Frequently Asked Questions here >>>

We have received calls from boaters telling us the authority cannot “see you” despite your AIS transponder is displaying the target clearly onto your chart plotter. This scenario may be true if you are in an area whereby the authority cannot detect your transponder due to “blind-spot” or when your boat is close to another vessels, structures or even inside the marina.

To resolve this issue, the next time when you are out boating, inform the authority you are leaving the marina so they can attempt in tracking you to determine your location. Their contact details is below here;

MPA Ops Center (6221 3127) 

As a responsible boat owner, you or your hired captain need to know your onboard AIS transponder system, you need to know them NOW and not after you have been stopped by the authority out at sea. 

Always have a photocopy of your boat registration, powerboat-driving license, boat insurance and personal ID ready for inspection.

Support the authority, they are doing their job and they are here to protect our national security.


HARTS TRANSPONDER is no longer in use here. All boats are now AIS-equipped. If you suspect your boat is still having the old HARTS Transponder, please call to OSDC - MPA directly to seek their advice immediately!

AIS Targets as seen from a Garmin and a Raymarine Chart Plotter. AIS targets are represented as a triangle icons. If you cannot see others, chances are your onboard AIS is not transmitting or receiving. Check the setting first because many boaters turn-off the system to avoid the annoying alarm. Mute the alarm instead of turning-off your AIS system
Typical AIS Unit Installed here in Singapore (Comar/Oceantalk Unit (Left), Em-Trak System (Right)
MPA HARTS Transponder Unit
Support our Police Coast Guard, they are here for our safety
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