Much of boating's appeal stems from leaving one environment and engaging with another on the water. The way the day changes and the infinite and ever-present motion - all of these are decidedly not like being on land. 
Our boats are, therefore, not just conveyances that float, but rather portals that transport us to another state of being. No two days on the water are the same, and to our friends and neighbours who might decry the sport of boating as one that takes too much time, I can say rally and retort, "That's the point".

Boating is rejuvenation.

Every day on the water is thus different. The most experienced boaters will back me up on this. And each day, therefore, holds adventure for we who slip the lines, turn the ignition key and crease the waves with boats great and small. Yes, there are those lucky ones among us who get to take cruises of a lifetime. They cross the oceans, do the Antarctic Loop or simply set out for months, gunkholing their way around the globe. But boaters need not fulfil such grand ambitions in order to enjoy adventure and excitement.

Composing this editorial at my keyboard, recalling the first time I slept aboard my own boat 25 years ago, I can still experience the butterflies of anticipation that fluttered in my stomach as I headed out into the dusk of an early evening. My destination? Just across from the old RSYC to the island at Pulau Hantu.

Boating adventure can take many forms. The first time heading out to the islands to across the channel to Batam, Indonesia. So does the first time you "get-up" on a slalom ski, or wake surf, or even the first time you get to take your family out and tow them on a tube. And who could deny that anglers partake of adventure whether chasing local bottom fishes or sailfish up the coast at Rompin, Malaysia in your own boat?

We boaters take our adventures for granted, sometimes, I think. Seeing the wind in ripples before it's felt: viewing the heavens doubled due to starlight reflecting on slick-clam waters: being present, to paraphrase "when the sky breaks like an egg into a full sunset and the water catches fire - it's easy to forget after the first few times experiencing these events that we boaters are privileged.

Of course some adventures we might well do without, though on the whole I think many of these improve our state of being. That thunderstorm that rolls in all grey and purple and loud and oozing the odour of ozone is way scarier aboard a boat than anywhere on land. But the spectacles of such a storm, the intimacy with it that comes when experienced from aboard a boat, is something that land bound folks can never experience. Nor can they enjoy the satisfaction achieved from having practiced the seamanship that brings crew and boat safely through such events.

Every day on the water is different. Every day is an adventure and I am privilege to have many boating customers sharing this same life-changing experience with me over the years. 

Truer words were never written. 
Long range motor yacht - Maritimo M51
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