With the right dinnerware, meals onboard can be just as elegant and beautiful as in a formal dining room. 
Today’s “yacht-inspire” melamine dinnerware can looks and feels just like hand-painted earthenware, some are even made of bamboo fiber and melamine — hefty, shatterproof and scratch-resistant.

Durable melamine is hard to break, but if you do break it, it won’t produce shards. As a result, it’s perfect for kids or to use around onboard your boat, or anywhere else people may go barefoot. Also, these lightweight plates and serving pieces can easily be carried in stacks, saving you trips to the kitchen. With the beautiful, colorful designs, you’d have to pick them up to realize they’re not earthenware.

Here’s a roundup of our favorite melamine collections for outdoor entertaining. Try mixing and matching for a style that’s truly your own onboard

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La Med Melamine: 

With the look of hand-painted dinnerware, these Mediterranean-inspired collection features a colorful pattern of natural elements. 

The salad and dinner plates, salad bowls, serving platter and serving bowl come in two color families: one turquoise with splashes of lemon, and the other sunny yellow with green and navy blue. 

Mix and match with the handled tray and condiment tray, which have a complementary pattern against a white background.

Rustic Melamine: 

Here, we’ve taken melamine to the next level. With a look inspired by the beautiful texture of antique ceramics, this design features rubbed edges and a rich glazed finish. 

Though stunning on their own, rustic melamine plates are perfect for pairing with other patterned plates and bowls in your collection. 

The range of hues — from rich blue and turquoise to white and yellow — are sure to find a place onboard your table.

Coastal Melamine: 

Patterns inspired by the sea bring a unique look and feel to any gathering. 

These coastal salad and dinner plates, bowls and platter have the rich pattern of a sea urchin shell in the subtle shades of pale blue and white. Place over natural woven chargers to complete an easy, elegant table.

You cannot go wrong with this popular time-proven choice

Nautical Melamine: 

These nautical induce white and blue dinnerware is ideal for any casual get-together, evoking the easy-going style of Provence. 

The salad plates, dinner plates and soup bowls all have a distinct pattern, keeping the table interesting and dynamic. 

For serving, the large bowl and platter are as cheerful as they are “nautically-functional”.

​These nautical melamine can now be purchase online in Singapore with
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